Sonic Ballroom in Köln, a second home. Played there many times, So when we did a release party there a few months ago, Johan Bargeld recorded it all and some songs turned out great! Obviously thanks to the best Kettenfett choir in the world. Our favorite Bambix songs The List is Long, Spotlight and Hell and Back played acoustically will be released on a 3 song E.P. which comes out on April 13 on all streamers everywhere via Rookie Records

What a blast this was! Playing at a sold out show in Knust, Hamburg w/ 100 KiloHerz 

Video for 'Alyssa'. Watch it


The song is about beating your inner critic mingled with fighting the outer critic who does not being allow you to join the local football club because you're a girl (true story).

Combined: you need a demonslayer, like Alyssa Naeher, goalkeeper of USWNT. Starring Alex and Lola. Recorded by

There is an interview in the new OX 169. If you have wondered about the why and where? Check it out.



Recorded by at Doornroosje in Nijmegen including live-shots, a pink football and even Greg comes along. 

The song is about how honesty is a rare commodity. Shown top-down, those in charge often lie their way through life so it's no wonder everybody copies this behavior.  It's like a circus, all those politicians jumping through hoops to get their competitive messages across. Yet, when push comes to shove it’s all just thin air. Even solitary
confinement is a better option than joining in this scam. 

The video had its premiere on the one and only OX fanzine on 22.06 with a special feature.

Read all about it  HERE


 Some of my favorite reviews. Go to Google translate here

NEW ALBUM: The Pariah's Promise

Only available on CD here in the shop. With 8 pages booklet. Obviously including a 'centerfold' and lyrics to sing along.  Also available on every streaming device. 


1. Angel 2. Alyssa 3. Dice 4. Where I Go 5. Battle the Blues 6. Solitary 7. Benevolence 

The songs on The Pariah's Promise are about demons and how to fight them, about what the world should be like but never is, angels and punx, Alyssa Naeher and how honesty is the rarest commodity in the 21st century

Did it when hungry 

After having played in punkband Bambix for many years I decided to record an acoustic solo album. I have always been a fan of country style guitar and songs in which a lot is said with little. It took a couple of turns and convincing to finally have the courage to strip back to the bare bones, So I went to Antwerp, to Tim van Doorn's Big Dog studio to record 7 songs. I asked former bandmate Patrick Schappert to join in for additional guitars and  bass. Tim's knowledge and mastership did the rest. 


First single 'DICE'  

Watch the video here

Dice is a song written for my friend Lampje. It's about loss. About how people want you to get back on your feet asap when all you want is not letting go of the feeling of grief since that's all that's still vivid and strong: All that's loved never leaves home.